It all started with the remodelling of a single-family home which I guided from the design stage through the construction work to handing over the finished product. This project can be said to have been the spark of a wonderful passion.

In the past fifteen years, I have had the privilege of working on a series of highly interesting building projects. Most of our public commissions have been the result of our success at architectural competitions and studies. I bring all of my knowledge, skills and passion for truly exclusive design to every project: from the design, planning and construction of redesigned public spaces to renovations of protected historical properties, new builds of private residences, remodelling of public buildings and even the design of entire neighbourhoods.

Because I build in harmony with nature, I always ensure that all of our projects are energy-efficient and sustainable.

Architecture is my life - enjoy what makes it special. 



1992 – 1997 University of Applied Sciences, Bern
2010 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

Firms Founded

April 1997 Atelier für Architektur & Gestaltung (sole proprietor)
May 2003 General contractor, Bauhaus AG, building and sale of turnkey single-family and multi-family homes
October 2006 General contractor, Greenland AG
July 2009 Atelier fur Architektur & Gestaltung (incorporated) 

Other Professional Activities

1998 – 2003 Town Assessor for Escholzmatt Fair Value Assessor
1997 – 2010 Verkehrswertschätzungen
since 2003 Adjudicator for study projects
since 2004 Trainer for students and interns
since 2012 Instructor at the Lucerne University for Technology & Architecture